Destrage – A Means to No End

Destrage-AMeansToNoEnd  It’s an unfortunate fact that any band out in the metal world that’s even remotely labeled with “-core” will always have people vomiting in their direction because they can’t stand that style. Is what it is, but when’s the last time you heard something that transcends any sort of labeling for genres but has without a doubt “-core” elements at its core? Can’t think of one? Then allow Destrage to be the first. Sometimes it takes some super extraordinarily weird to grab the attention, but it also helps if that certain something is also amazingly well done in the end, and that definitely applies to Destrage’s upcoming album of “A Means to No End”. Coming so much of so little is a feat that many bands have done before, and many others will proceed to do in the future, and Destrage isn’t the best to do it, but this album is by no means a pushover simply because of how technical, creative, and intriguing it is. “A Means to No End”, in its simplest form, a record that truly and utterly pushes the boundaries of both genres and genre classification in the best ways possible. The mountainous thirteen songs featured on this album come together to create an experience the likes of which many people would quake at, but those of us who brave through “A Means to No End” onto the final note will find that it’s a hell of an interesting time that definitely warrants a second listen at the bare minimum. Even though sometimes the sheer innovation presented to us can be a little intimidating because sometimes the rhythms clash in such an unorthodox way, there’s no denying there’s enjoyment to be had with Destrage as they prove to be a very imaginative band that isn’t afraid to take the concept of out-of-the-box thinking to a whole new dimension. The precise definition of a strange attraction, “A Means to No End” is a record that many will not like for multiple reasons, but more will enjoy for all the reasons (that makes sense, right?).

“A Means to No End” releases on October 21st! You can listen to the track “Don’t Stare at the Edge” via YouTube here, and the song “Symphony of the Ego” via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. A Means to No End
  2. Don’t Stare at the Edge
  3. Symphony of the Ego
  4. Silent Consent
  5. The Flight
  6. Dreamers
  7. Ending to a Means
  8. Peacefully Lost
  9. Not Everything Is Said
  10. To Be Tolerated
  11. Blah Blah
  12. A Promise, A Debt
  13. Abandon to Random