Det Eviga Leendet – Lenience

Pain, grief, despair, sorrow, misery, sadness, and some more pain and all the lonelyness that humankind feel and have been feeling since the beginning of times. Those are the ingredients to write great lyrics and songs to reflect all the aching and suffering we all are full of. I can’t recall another album that made me reflect so much about our existence and all the suffering we are all in. It doesn’t matter who’s responsible. Most of the times we are responsible for our own pain and misery. Our actions, our feelings, our thoughts. It doesn’t matter at all. Modern Black Metal bands got all that and transferred to their music and the outcome is tremendous. Det Eviga Leendet with “Lenience” show a living picture of what we are facing, all the sorrow we are all in.

All the six tracks in “Lenience” try to show that this world is no place of happiness and joy though the media and others try hard to make us look to it with another eyes. The eyes of someone that hides out all emotion because some emotions are not desired. It seems that we are obliged to feel happy even though we see another world. I have strongly refused to that all my life. Albums like “Lenience” make me understand. It makes me notice that something is wrong out there and it’s not only me. It makes me wonder if there is something else to hold on. Maybe religion, maybe music, maybe soimething else. We don’t really know. I’d rather keep the music. No one needs to be religious to find the meaning of life. If there is one. I bet there is, but that up to me.

“Lenience” is an atmospheric display of how music can make a difference in your life even though it’s not meant to it. Every time you reflect about, something changes in your innerself. Music is much more than dancing and fooling aroung hoping to forget, trying to hide and run away or smile when you aren’t really in the mood for. Det Eviga Leendet give this lesson through “Lenience.” Sadness is part of life, deal with it. It’s just life at its best.

Det Eviga Leendet “Lenience” was released on May 24th via Amor Fati Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. O
  2. Ingest
  3. Repent
  4. Embark
  5. Stellar
  6. Lenience

Watch “Stellar” official video here: