Formed in 2015, DET EVIGA LEENDET are a gathering of individuals from scattered parts of Sweden now based in Uppsala and Stockholm. Although a discordant group of people, the foundation of the band stem from a collective will to explore concepts of expansive insular gloom. Aptly, the group has taken their name from Pär Lagerkvist’s 1920 writing about a large group of dead people who are stuck in the dark with nothing to do besides talk in order to pass eternity.
The debut album “Lenience” was released by American label Fallen Empire Records in the winter of 2018 and is a bleak display of harsh and atmospheric metal, a manifest of total and unending descent. Six songs – a six paned mirror that has evolved out of years of lavish ignorance. Hopeless desperation gives way to emboldened cooperation with the adversary.
In May 2019 “Lenience” will be re-released by Amor Fati Productions. Dragged out of the gloom into bright sunlight.

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