Details Of New Album “Hell Hath No Fury…” Revealed By Metallica


Two weeks ago, Metallica leaked the first taste of the new material with the release of the demo track “Lords of Summer”. Now the band has announced that the new album is complete and will be entitled “Hell Hath No Fury….” The album is tentatively set to drop on April 1, 2015 via its own Blackened Recordings with distribution through Warner Brothers Records.

Drummer Lars Ulrich commented: “When we played ‘Lords of Summer’ live for the first time, we felt re-energized – like it was 1983. James, Kirk and our bass player all felt as if the time was right to start anew. ‘Death Magnetic’ was just the start of the return back to the roots…but I promise that ‘Hell Hath No fury…” will have a greater impact on fans than ‘Master of Puppets.'”

Guitarist Kirk Hammett added: “One of the things I wanted to do on this new album is return to the glory of the guitar solo. There is one with a four minute solo and I am so proud of the band for finally taking this all back to where it started. It definitely feels reborn!”

Vocalist/Guitarist James Hetfield commented: “‘Hell Hath No Fury’ is the dawn of a new era for Metallica. We went back to a dark place and resurrected some old friends of ours. I made strides to get that rough edge back on my vocals and it really made a big difference in the direction of the album.”

The bass player stated: “The new album is going to slay everyone. I am so excited to be part of this. Cliff would be proud!”

The track list for “Hell Hath No Fury…” is:

1. The Fire Lord
2. Black Death
3. Lords of Summer (Demo Streaming Here)
4. Trapped With No Escape
5. Hell Hath No Fury…
6. The Unforgiven IV
7. Sanity Harvest
8. Heroes Never Come Home
9. He Who Should Not Be Named…Dies
10. Battery (2014 Version)
11. Unto the Ages of Ages (Witchfynde Cover) (Bonus Track)


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