DETRITIVOR Release Guitar Play-Through Video For ‘Morbid Sanity’

Death Metal band from Yogyakarta – Indonesia, DETRITIVOR have released a guitar play-through video for “Morbid Sanity” a track from debut album Scattered Remnants. You can check out the guitar video below.

DETRITIVOR deliver the Death Metal goods on debut album Scattered Remnantswhich was recently released on Indonesian extreme metal powerhouse Brutal Mind.

The new platter of splatter from DETRITIVOR features eight songs (plus an intro) of Death Metal that is firmly rooted in the old school, yet powered by a modern sound for maximum annihilation! Those who worship at the Altar of Death are strongly advised to check out yet another fine addition to the Indonesian scene, as well as Brutal Mind‘s already impressive roster.

None other than the legendary Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under, ex-Cannibal Corpse) gave his seal of approval to DETRITIVOR, as seen in this video!

Scattered Remnants Track Listing:
1. Prelude Of Abhorrence
2. Morbid Sanity
3. Dead In Cruelty
4. Innocent Blood
5. Slicing Victim
6. Hateful Incision
7. Bleed And Butchered
8. Eternity
9. Stained Inflicted