Deuce – Deuce

Can a Metal band mix punk musical attitude and still give light to well-played songs? What if I say this band mix things so deeply that punk influences are stick to their music and soul? Would you still say it is possible?

But I’ll tell you something: It’s possible. This Deuce debut, and self titled, album proves it. First track, “Barnburner” proves it with vocals and instrumentals. Well, nor exactly, but a mix in some moments. But the guitars are, of course, sharp exactly of what we expect from Marty Friedman. It’s only punk, but also 1980s permeate the sonance in tracks like “72 Hours” with its pulsating bass lines and guitar lines. Ah, I forgot to mention this Deuce features Megadeth’s Marty Friedman. In fact, you can notice his expertise in the very few moments of the effort.

“Deuce” has two distinct moments: the recordings from early days (1978-1979) and from the brief reunion in 1993. Those tracks are really noticeable: “Devastator,” “Love’s Massive Suicide” and “Telemann’s 3rd.” But the real gems are the ones from the early days. Deuce have a distintic sonance. Not to mention, of course, the guitars. The aforementioned punk grip does a lot of difference. It gives Deuce a distinct sonance adding more power to the music. Vocalist Eddy Day does a wonderful job bouncing punk vocals with more melodic ones. An embryo of what would be called later melodic hardcore.

Yeah, boys and girls, what I keep on telling here: there’s no such thing as spontaneous generation. Things don’t simply get out of the blue. The world wasn’t created in the year 2000. But I guess Metal fans know it better. We listen to old bands the same way we do to new bands. And we respect their history. Fair enough.

“Deuce” was released on March 30th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Barnburner
  2. Angels from the Dust
  3. 72 Hours
  4. Telemann’s 3rd
  5. Bad Boys
  6. Atomic Age
  7. One Nation Underground
  8. Devastator
  9. Love’s Massive Suicide
  10. Telemann’s 3rd (1993)

Watch “Barnburner” official video here: