Deus Mortem – Kosmocide

A large sonic blast! That’s what “Kosmocide” is from head to toe. “Kosmocide” shows a very mature band in the dark arts which knows really how to impress the fan with their sonic carnivore and lust for blood. Deus Morten teach a lesson on extreme guitar playing in this album not only for the impact it makes but also for the nice and gloomy solutions that were found. Bottomline, the guitars found here are kind of a mix with Black Metal guitar playing technique with some kind of classic Metal thing especially when it comes to the solos. Guitarist S. – I really want to know where these guys find these names – does a remarkable job.

Some may think that Extreme Metal guitar is pretty simple, but otherwise, it gives the guitarist many chances to experiment. In fact, there are lots of guitar playing techniques that are often used by Extreme Metal guitarists. S. knows them by heart. One of the most interesting, in terms of technique, is the way he divides tempo, I mean, pay attention to the blast of “Remorseless Beast” where the drums are at least three times faster than the guitar giving a pretty fat sound. The same happens to “The Destroyer,” the last but not the least track. Another great thing is that the guitar sound fat and clear, there’s no intention of hiding it in lots of distortion and effects, a typical mannerism of low self-driven guitarists.

“Kosmocide” is a very diverse album in many ways. It kicks off spilling blood all over with fast and furious tracks to slowly steping down and diversing cadence and tempos. “The Destroyer” is a track where it is possible to experiment lots of that plot twists in tempo and cadences and moods. The last guitar licks in it are also amazing. Forgive me, but when I listen to them I immediately remember Kiss’ Ace Frehley, a guitar master that used this kind of lick a lot. I mean octavating two notes at the same time and making them swing. Memorable. “Kosmocide” is a remarkable album for the ones who like Extreme Metal guitar playing and for the ones with the lust for blood.

Deus Morten “Kosmocide” was released on April 28th via Terratur Possessions / Malignant Voices.

Track Listing:

  1. Remorseless Beast
  2. The Soul of the Worlds
  3. Sinister Lava
  4. Throught the Crown It Departs
  5. The Seeker
  6. Ceremony of Reversion pt.2
  7. The Destroyer

Watch “The Destroyer” official video here: