DEUS MORTEN Call Out a ‘Kosmocide’

DEUS MORTEM arose from the abyss in the winter of 2008. Since then they have been consistently following their wolfish path, trampling down the carcass of limitations and divine order, which can be clearly heard on this new opus. Here they direct their force of creation towards the best era of metal magnificence, regardless of the changes that time brings. Drawing from the source of their inspiration from the 80s and 90s, they’ve built an original style, which is a rare treat these days. It is the uniqueness and perfection of opposites intertwined in a deadly formula. It’s an iron fist aimed at mediocrity and illusion, masterfully performed through skill and passion.
On “Kosmocide,” the band stretches their musical influences even further than before, drawing inspirations from classic Black Metal acts, whilst still being able to maintain the ‘Deus Mortem-sound’ we’ve come to know over the years. Its epic, its aggressive, lightning fast as well as dynamic and structured, the album displays worldclass musicianship, crowned with masterful production by M./Mgla and stunning artworks by Artem Grigoryev and Ihasan Art.
“Kosmocide” is an esoteric journey, through tragedies, death and destruction of universal laws – straight to the womb of the raging chaos.

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