Devil Master – Manifestations

At first sight, I thought it would a 1980s demo tape from an unknown band. Devil Master sound like an 1980s band which recorded their first demo tape in a cheap studio with lame equipment. They could your neighbor’s band or your school buddy’s. Funny thing is that thought Devil Master might sound raw, and sometimes as in the beginning they do, they aren’t a raw band. Some instrumental passages are complex. As a matter of fact, “Manifestations” sounds as a timeline from the most raw track, “The Devil Master (Devil Is Your Master),” to a more complex one, “Blood on My Shroud.” Forgot to mention that “Manifestations” doesn’t have vocal in its proper meaning. There are lots of insane moans and groans, but no singing.

Devil Master are a weird mix of punk attitude and Metal music playing. The raw instrumentals seem to be on purpose. I mean they are not exactly masters in their instrumentals, but the production makes them sound worst. But the musical ideas are excellent. Devil Master have a lot of potential due to a very interesting songwriting as many 1980s did before. “Inhabit the Corpse” has that kind of intro that one might find in HM many acts. It is also the track where the sinister voice appears most. In “Gates of Pain” too. It is also the track with most punk influences.

It’s paradoxical what happens in “Manifestations,” which by the way, is a very proper name due to the manifestations of the voice. As I said before, “Blood on My Shroud” has some interesting guitar solutions. I guess to be out of tune or some notes are simply on purpose, or not. It doesn’t matter. Really. “Manifestations” is a very good to listen to. It send the message that you don’t have to be a virtuoso to play music. You can do a pretty good album without wasting tons of money. Simply as that.

Devil Master “Manifestations” will be released on October 29th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Devil Master (Devil Is Your Master)
  2. Distorted Paths/Fear teh Future Gleam
  3. Failure to Die
  4. Sex with Succubus
  5. Inhabit the Corpse
  6. Obscene Charade
  7. Gates of Pain
  8. Blood on My Shroud

Watch “Obscene Charade” official video here: