Devil Master – Satan Spits on Children of Light

It would be easy for many acts to confuse speed and ferocity with quality in an environment that seems to promote that every now and then, and it’s with the union of metal and punk that it can become a real problem. But it’s immediately that Devil Master shows that even though they’re a young act they’re far from amateurs. Taking their venomous blend of punk and black metal, these guys conjure up thirteen deliciously blasphemous tracks for “Satan Spits on Children of Light”.

There have been many iterations of punk that have caught my eye, but even fewer have there been taking on when punk fuses with metal when I feel like really in the presence of something awesome. The last time I felt such a way was with the last Iron Reagan full-length two years ago, but now, as if telling me I need to hear more punk, the universe as returned the name of Devil Master to us and it’s with their debut full-length that they show us what they’re all about right out of the gate. It was with their Relapse debut of “Manifestations” that we got a taste of what these guys were about, but it’s with “Satan Spits on Children of Light” that we’re granted something else entirely. Devil Master started strong with their vicious underground sound, and it’s here that it’s only intensified as we’re gifted an eveng reater array of crazy and flashy guitars that are always ripping, vocals that invoke the most hellish of demons, and a constant, high octane power that’s always at full blast to ensure that every moment of this record is truly stupendous. Then it’s the infectious nature that is the real kicker for “Satan Spits on Children of Light” that makes it the excellence that it has become, and I’ve no question that it will wash over the masses in earnest to become one with the evil party that Devil Master always has going. It’s with each successive listen that this record becomes all the more infectious as we see Devil Master come into their own with just their first album, and it couldn’t be any more of a spectacle as these guys bring glory to the realms of both punk and metal with this face-melting debut.

It’s not often something that feels like pure speed and aggression can catch my eye, but Devil Master has easily won me over with this album being everything that I didn’t know I needed from both metal and punk in a union that’s ever so satisfying. If there was any album from any relatively unknown act that was to act as a shining beacon of darkness for the underground at this point in time, then I couldn’t think of a better album than the evil majesty that is “Satan Spits on Children of Light”!

“Satan Spits on Children of Light” releases on March 1st! You can listen to and preorder the album on Bandcamp here.

1. Listen, Sweet Demons
2. Nightmares in the Human Collapse
3. Black Flame Candle
4. Devil Is Your Master
5. Christ’s Last Hiss
6. Skeleton Hand
7. Nuit
8. Gaunt Immortality
9. Desperate Shadow
10. Her Thirsty Whip
11. Dance of Fullmoon Specter
12. Webs of Sorrow
13. XIII