No Remorse Records proudly presents the new album of Athens/Venice based DEXTER WARD! Formed in 2009 by ex-Battleroar members, DEXTER WARD are already an established band in the underground and their third full-length, simply entitled “III,” offers an adventurous journey back in the glory days of Epic Metal.
The spirit of Heavy Metal, the inspiration from Iron Maiden and US Metal is still present (and always will be) but the third chapter in the story of DEXTER WARD brings back the past of glorious sounds, that will speak straight to the heart of metal fans all over the world. The attitude, the spirit and the strength to realize and chase your dreams is part of Heavy Metal and DEXTER WARD will guide us to the road of enlightenment. Having shared the stage with few of their greatest childhood heroes (Manilla Road, Crimson Glory, Titan Force, Warlord, Virgin Steele, Fates Warning, Cirith Ungol and more), DEXTER WARD have already booked many European festival appearances that will be announced on time to support the release of their new album.

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