Dexter Ward – III

I dedicate this Dexter Ward “III” to Metal detractors and haters all over this sad and lonely and pathetic planet. This album is an ode and homage to Metal lovers in this world who struggle to survive in the name of our beloved musical genre. It’s so heartwarming to see how the new generations are keeping the Metal flame the highest as possible. Just the other day I had the pleasure to discover that some NWOBHM bands that are being born these days are paying homage to bands that aren’t the classic ones. They are paying the respects to bands as Cauldron, Crystal Viper, Night Demon, and others all of them bands that belong to a, let’s say, second generation of the NWOBHM. I can’t express the honor it is to posit this as a metaller who took part – a litle bit late – of the classics. Of course, they never let the classics down. They will be forever in our hearts. That what the fan notices while listening to Dexter Ward “III” whose briliant performance is near to the classics in emotion and devotion. Take for instance the guitar intro to “The Demon’s Layer” whose intense guitar and vocal lines take the fan to place somewhere else. Memorable track.

“III” has some Power and Speed Metal moments especially in tracks as the opening “Return of the Blades” and the aforementioned “The Demon’s Layer.” It’s an album that bounces through both worlds easily due to the prowess of its musicians. I would also highlight the chorus and the vocals in all tracks which are fantastic and with a remarkable taste of the classics as Accept. Listen to the end of the opening track and check it out. Anohter great vocal opening is from “In the Days of Epic Metal” – by the way, a very well chosen name for the track. A track with those twin guitars that we all love and care. Not to be redundant, but the double vocals and guitars by the fifth minute of it is also epic. The sound of it is astonishing.

Dexter Ward have just written another important chapter in the pages of Metal music. “III” is an album that means a lot. It’s harsh, heavy, and also melodic with lots of heart and soul. Everything metallers love and praise.

Dexter Ward “III” was released on March 13th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Return of the Blades
  2. Soldiers of Light
  3. In the Days of Epic Metal
  4. The Eyes of Merlin
  5. Conan the Barbarian
  6. The Dragon of the Mist
  7. Reign of the White Knight
  8. The Demonslayer

Watch “The Demonslayer” official music video here: