DIABULUS IN MUSICA Release New Music Video For Track ‘Crimson Gale’



Just in time for their upcoming album release of “Dirge For The Archons” – out on November 18th –  DIABULUS IN MUSICA has released a video for the track “Crimson Gale”. You can watch the video below.

Read what the band has to say about their music video premiere:

“‘Crimson Gale’ is to me like a kind of hymn to empower women, a chant to enhance women’s voices. Specially dedicated to all those who in the past, step by step, paved the way for us (even if there is still a lot to change in a system created by men but specially hold by women). Also, motherhood made me being aware of our natural power as women and made me understand too how much there’s still to improve for example with conciliation, among many other political and social aspects.

Musically wise, ‘Crimson Gale’ perfectly reflects the strength I’m talking about. It’s a heavy and fast song with a catchy chorus that matches with the character of a hymn. The choirs and grunts reinforce the fact that we are not alone in this fight.”

If unbridled passion for classical music meets raw modern metal, the result is most certainly going to be DIABULUS IN MUSICA. The Spanish band is the biggest symphonic metal act their homeland has to offer, and the fivepiece has been storming Europe since 2010!

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