Dialith – Extinction Six

Ah, the outstanding diversity of Metal. I wrote three reviews today and all of them were exciting and upstanding in their own way. All of them were pretty different, I must observe. Another varied album where all tracks amaze you due to their extreme quality and diverse thematic and musicality. Dialith “Extinction Six” is an alum to celebrate not only the diversity of Metal, but also its quality.

First of all, Dialith sail on the Symphonic Metal waters with extreme dexterity – well, in fact, this is a milestone of the subgenre. Nonetheless, it still impresses because in no time Dialith forgot the power and soul of Metal. There are no long and boring songs that seem to have no Metal soul and heart. There is no confusion in “Extinction Six” with boring and great instrumental dexterity. On the contrary, “Extinction Six” is a lesson on how mingling both successfully. Even the full of keyboards tracks as “Quiver of Deception” are of great heaviness, and I dare to say that they are this way because of the keyboards.

Second of all, vocalist Krista Sion’s voice is outrageous of so good and precise. Her tone blends perfectly with the instrumental roupage chosen by Dialith’s instrumentalists. Even the ballad “The River Runs Dry” is so well fit to the album, that no one in a conscious mind would complain about it. Krista Sion’s voice does great in it. If you have any doubts, go straight to “Catalyst” and listen to the show she does.

Third of all, it’s Metal! And we love it!

Dialith “Extinction Six” was released on August 16th.

Track Listing:

  1. Emergence (Intro)
  2. The Sound of Your Voice
  3. Where Fire Dwells
  4. Libra
  5. Break the Chains
  6. Quiver of Deception
  7. In Every Breath
  8. Catalyst
  9. The Wraith
  10. Extinction Six

Watch “The Sound of Your Voice” official videos here: