Did JUSTIN CHANCELLOR Just Play A Part Of New TOOL Music?!

At this year’s NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA, TOOL bassist Justin Chancellor got the fans excited with some never before heard bass parts.

The uploader – ToolArchive – noted in the comments: “I know, I know, he said it was something inspired by the new bass. But he got that in mid 2017. What if he snuck in some new Tool riffs?”

Also, a fan behind the alias of Thor Carlton pointed out: “Too much song structure for that to just be jamming. And as a musician I can just tell by his body language this isn’t something he’s coming up with on the fly or just something he’s been jamming on, it’s part of a song. And the way he ends it, he didn’t want to give away too much.”

You can watch the video and judge it for yourself. The fresh riffs kick in around 4:05.

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