Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Wilde Kinder Review

There are some peculiar things bands that we’ve reviewed here before. Last year when we reviewed the “All You Need Is Love – XX Anniversary Edition” the impression was completely different I must say. Now with “Wilde Kinder” I feel that I’m reviewing a totally different band not only because all the songs are in German but also because the sonancy is somewhat completely different. And I’m wriitng this because I checked a lot of times if I were talking about the same band. You know, one cannot know all Metal bands in this sad and lonely and pathetic little world, there are bands with the same name, and bands do change their sonancy. Ok, while I’m wriitng these words I’m listening to “Euer Gott Ist der Tod” that has some resemblance to what I’ve heard before. It’s the price one pays to write a review while listening to the album. I do that but not all the time.

Ok, the Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – hum, that sounds a bit redundant. I’ll elaborate. Die in German means ‘the.’ I’m writing about now has one foot in Industrial Metal. I mean one foot only because what I sense here is more an intent not exactly a sonancy. I’ll elaborate. “Wilde Kinder” has some Industrial Metal features but not all. “Der Eisenhans” is a great track to my dear fan check what I’m saying. Vocals are very related to Industrial Metal. Ok, I’m counting the keyboards and the guitar solo. The same goes with “Ich bin ein Mensch” which I guess represents more what I’m saying that the previous track. To make things a little more complicated they are subtle and not in a ll tracks. This album is album much more melodic that the one I’ve heard before. Tracks as “Blau” have such a massive emotional content.

By the end of the album all the strangement have gone. Never enough to say that it was the melody that got me. What can I say? I like melodic features. Not sugar melodic, but melodic anyway. By the way, very interesting CD cover.

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter “Wilde Kinder” will be released on April 22nd via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Von Freiheit will ich singen
  2. Volle Kraft
  3. Alles ist gut
  4. Wilde Kinder
  5. Leinen los
  6. Euer Gott ist der Tod
  7. Nur frohen Mutes
  8. Blau
  9. Der Eisenhans
  10. Ich bin ein Mensch

Watch “Wilde Kinder” official music video: