After endless raids into the North Sea, around the Iberian Peninsula to Australia, El Puerto Records sailed down the Main this time to welcome the Franconian modern (melodic death) metallers from DIEVERSITY on board. The third album will be out in the fall.

DIEVERSITY comments:

We are happy to announce that we have signed a worldwide record deal with El Puerto Records. We have finished working on our 3rd album ‘Age Of Ignorance‘, which we expect to release at the end of the year. We are really excited to be in the same roster at El Puerto Records together with bands like Undertow, Necronomicon, Welicoruss and David Reece (ex-ACCEPT). Here’s to a good collaboration.”

Labelchef Bernd Stelzer is very happy: 
With DIEVERSITY, El Puerto Records signed another high-class act. With two strong albums up their sleeves, they guys from §good old Germany” are ready for the next step. Melodic death metal at its best, heavy, loud with a dead sure sense for outstanding melodies! Welcome aboard, guys!

Line Up:

Robin Mattner – Vocals
Daniel Heß – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Olav Langer – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Michael Steger – Bass
Chris Walther – Keyboards
Dominik Waldorf – Drums