Director JONAS AKERLUND Explains ‘The Lords Of Chaos’

Director Jonas Akerlund talked to Heavy Magazine’s David Grifin about the film “The Lords of Chaos.” Read parts of the interview here:

“It is a story that I have wanted to tell for a long time,” he explains. “It is a story that kept coming back to me in my head. I kind of started it and then I went off it, then I heard somebody else was working on it so I gave up on it for a minute, this is all going back to about 1999. Even right back in the beginning I remember hearing about the Church burnings on CNN and I thought this would make a great story.”

“Then about five years ago I decided to just really go for it and put everything into it,” says Akerlund continuing. “So I started writing it and it basically took me five or six years to get to where we are now. You know why I wanted to do it is because it always felt like this story had so many layers. I kept seeing all these book, the documentaries and pictures online and there always seemed to be this portrait of these demons, these evil people from Norway, but to me behind this facade there were these young boys. They were so young that they were basically children and I thought we have already seen the documentaries and we have read the books and we know the story but what is there more to say about it? I wanted to humanize these kids and show that they were young boys. There was so many reasons why I wanted to make this movie and we had so many against us saying that this is a really hard movie to sell and a really hard movie to explain to people and it is such a dark story. So yes it has been a very long, up-hill journey to get it to where it is now.”