Dirkschneider The Old Gang – Arising Review

I guess that maybe my child of of the night will get bored to hear me talking wonders of Mr. Dirkschneider, but, I’m sorry, I can’t really help it. I can’t hide my predilection for him and his former band Accept. But I’ll be brief. I promise not to write more than one thousand words. After all “Arising” is just an EP with three tracks.

Let me tell you all a secret, I can’t keep track of how many projects and bands Mr. Dirkschneider is in. I really don’t know if this EP belongs to his band U.D.O., Dirkschneider  or to any other project he’s in. I only know that he gathered with some old friends, The Old Gang, Peter Baltes (bass; Accept), Stefan Kaufmann (guitar; Accept, U.D.O.) and Mathias Dieth (guitar; Sinner, U.D.O.) as well as Udo’s son Sven Dirkschneider (drums; U.D.O., Dirkschneider) – I guess Sven isn’t that old but he’s been with his for all his life so I guess it’s a long time indeed. Vocalist Manuela Bibert is a guest. For the closer circle of intimates the band is called DATOG, and maybe they put the ‘AT’ in the middle not to say DOG. I would.

“Arising” sounds a lot as the more melodic verve of Accept as it would be natural by the musicians that recorded it. In terms of Accept’s discography “Arising” sounds much more near 1993’s “Objection Overruled” for its contrasting melody and hard metalling. For me, “Arising” is that warm and cozy place in a cold winter day with a sparkling fireplace, some wine and cheese and the company of the person you love, or, your friends. The kind of album that warms the heart. Manuela Bibert’s voice gives the album that touch of modernity needed to gather new fans. Her contribution goes a little beyond. She takes the album from that feeling of common place some may think Mr. Dirkschneider’s music acquired after a so long career. Her warm and velvet voice brightens the album a lot as much as Udo’s as a perfect match. Bassist Peter Baltes also shares vocals here. Many fans must not know but he used to do vocals on Accept’s ballads. As I said before the album mixes Accept’s melody, grandiosity and power. All three songs are strong and full of emotion. If somebody asked me to pick only one of the songs I’d pass the hard job. The three of them are really nice and intriguing. The power tracks as “Face of a Stranger,” “Every Heart Is Burning,” and “Where the Angels Fly” pass is really amazing. It’s really hard to an Accept and Mr. Dirkschneider fan to stay put while the songs roll on. 

It’s hard to think that Mr. Dirkschneider is 70 years old. His voice continues to be the same it was in the golden years of Accept. The man still has energy to much more I’d say. From where I’m standing he, Rob Halford and Dio are the great voices of Metal of all times. Each one in their own way of being fantastic. Simple as that.

Dirkschneider The Old Gang “Arising” will be released on August 30th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Face of a Stranger
  2. Every Heart Is Burning
  3. Where the Angels Fly

Watch “Every Heart Is Burning” official video here: