Disen Gage – The Big Adventure

Here’s a fine piece of the weird stuff bands are doing these days. A band that mixes altogether Metal, jazz, blues, and – what the hell – Argentinean tango and other latin rhythms. Today’s atmosphere sounds a lot as the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when all those legenday guys like Chick Corea, Jaco Pastorius, All Di Meola, John Mclaughlin among others were doing with the so called jazz rock and free jazz. Disen Gage with “The Big Adventure” make me remind with nostalgia all of them.

“The Big Adventure” has the merit of bringing up to life all the boiling musical atmosphere of jazz rock. There are eight tracks of all kinds of experiments that may cause some estrangement to the regular Metal fan, but you’ll find them delicious if you allow yourself. Have you imagined a mix of Metal and tango? I haven’t. But it exists on “Selfish Tango” with very, but very interesting bass lines. In a very strict way, it reminds a little Jethro Tull.

Disen Gage – what a great name – did their homework following jazz standards for instrumental music. The guitar takes the lead and presents the main theme which gives the tip for what mix they are going to make. “Carnival Escape” follows some art rock procedures with a mix of some latin music comprised in a jazz standard instrumental. There moments that it reminds a lot some 1970s show theme as “Swat,” for instance. But, then suddenly it changes and sound like an art rock theme. Weird stuff as I said.

“The Big Adventure” is a huge gasp of fresh air in the today’s plastic world of vapid music. It takes a very consolidated band to do an effort so complex like “The Big Adventure.” While some bands explore classical music to make their music more complex, others go through the direction of jazz. It may not be that heavy, but it does sound great.

Disen Gage “The Big Adventure” was released on February 14th via Addicted Label.

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Track Listing:

  1. Shiroyama
  2. Adventurers
  3. Chaos Point
  4. Enough
  5. All the Truths’ Meeting
  6. Selfish Tango
  7. Carnival Escape
  8. Fin

Watch the full album version: