Diskord – Degenerations Review

One of the thoughts that have always warmed my soul was that musical anarchy had everything to do with Metal music. That anarchic feeling towards music would fit perfectly into the spirit of Metal music because anarchy, as a state of being, requires a lot of understanding and prowess. I mean, to be really an anarchist, musicwise, the musician has to understand a lot about music because it’s not only playing whatever each musician please as many would think. That’s why Punk could never pass all the anarchy feeling that permeated its culture to music. As we all know, no critique intended here, Punk musicians aren’t the best in playing their instruments. Metal musicians, most of the times, are. Otherwise, it’s only cacophony. That mass of sound that no one nor the musicians can understand. Ok, it’s not that I don’t appreciate some cacophony, but not all the time.

Here we have a band that even in the name Diskord pass the anarchic idea I’m talking about. “Degenerations” is supposed to be a Death Metal album, however, it goes beyond. Far beyond any genre classification. The fan that isn’t so used to musical anarchy will have a hard time to digest all the feelings the band delivered. “Degenerations” isn’t easy to understand. First of all, it’s full of dissonances. Ok, I know many Extreme Metal bands use dissonances, however, they write their songs and use dissonances. It’s not the case here. Diskord write their music on dissonances. See the difference? Second, I have never seen an Extreme Metal band that used so many percussion instruments most notably the loathing and disgusting cowbell – sorry, my fan. I have to express my disgust for this percussion instrument. Fun fact is that Diskord also subverted my mind about one thing that I’ve been ruminating for a long, long time. I’ve always thought that the more rhythm and intricate structures a band uses in its music, the more uncomprehensible and light it becomes. It’s not what happened here. The more intricate, the heavier and more cruel the tracks get. Another fun fact is that Diskord use deceptive tempos as Free Jazz. There are times that each of the band is playing in a different tempo but they all get together at the stronger tempo. Please, don’t get me wrong, though all this, “Degenerations” manages to be a cruel and vicious album. As I said before, Diskord dealt perfectly to melt into Metal music the values of musical anarchy. And the outcome the fan may check here.

Though its detractors say that each Death Metal song is like the other, “Degenerations” delivers twelve tracks that will surprise the fan as they surprised me. There isn’t a track here that I dare to say that is standard or even of a standard sonancy. By the way, my warmest regards to drummer Hans Jørgen for the unbelievable job he does here. Besides hitting hard, the man adds an unparalleled swing.

Diskord “Degenerations” will be released on August 13th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Loitering in the Portal
  2. Bionic Tomb Eternal
  3. Abnegations
  4. The Endless Spiral
  5. Dirigiste Radio Hit
  6. Lone Survivor
  7. Dragged for Coronation
  8. Clawing at the Fabric of Space
  9. Atoms Decay
  10. Raging Berzerker in the Universe Rigid
  11. Gnashing
  12. Beyond the Grime

Watch “Bionic Tomb Eternal” official video here: