DISTURBED Frontman: It’s Much Easier To Learn How To Sing Classically Than To Learn How To Sing Rock

David Draiman

During a recent interview with United Rock NationsDISTURBED vocalist David Draiman discussed his growth as a singer, saying:

“It’s much easier to learn how to sing classically than it is to learn how to learn sing rock, to be perfectly honest.

“Achieving the proper technique without having to inject the rasp, the grit into the vocal is far easier than still trying to achieve that and inject the rasp or the grit. It’s a very, very delicate technique.

“When I first trained to sing at all, the stylistically different songs on this album [new Disturbed record ‘Evolution’] were more of what I sang back in the day.

“It literally hadn’t been until we recorded the [2015] cover of ‘The Sound of Silence’ that I had had my recorded voice played back to me like that. I had never recorded anything that sounded like that.”

Asked about the band’s growth, David replied:

“It is natural. We’re constantly pushing each other. Every time we start the creative process up again, it’s pushing our boundaries, pushing our limitations, seeing what each of us as individuals can do and seeing what we can get the other individuals to do.

“It is quite natural, and quite comfortable to us. I think it’s a natural progression of things. Your creative mind doesn’t want to be stagnant, and you want to continue to have new challenges from a creative standpoint.

“We push each other, and this time, we probably pushed each other more stylistically than we ever have in our career. Who knows if we’ll push even further in the future?”