Disturbed – Immortalized

disturbedimmortalizedcover  I’ve been a fan of Disturbed for well over a few years and I’ve had the pleasure of listening to all their albums, and while I didn’t like all of them I can say that I still love this band. That being said, “Immortalized” isn’t amazingly fantastic in my opinion, but it is definitely worthy of being added to Disturbed‘s roster of albums as this one is one of their most mature by far. By “mature” I mean that the sound and feel of the guitars are unmistakably still Disturbed, but they have evolved a new texture since “Asylum” and it works really well with to my amazement. There are a few filler songs on this album that were too easy to point out and I have to be honest in saying I didn’t like them at all, just sounded to generic and boring to my ears. But there were songs that had such strong themes like with the loss of a dear friend with “Save Our Last Goodbye” and admitting your love for another with “You’re Mine”. There’s also one other thing that Disturbed is known for that has returned with “Immortalized”: a cover song. This time the song is “Sound of Silence” from the folk duo Simon and Garfunkel. I personally love the original version of the song and every aspect of it, and I have to say that Disturbed did a great job covering it and did the track no injustice by making it heavy or intense like they did with “Land of Confusion”. Instead, they kept the pace calm, the vocals smooth, and a feel that is much like the first time I heard the original version. Overall, this is a dynamic album that really shows how far Disturbed has come and I have to admit that while this isn’t my favorite album by them for several reasons, “Immortalized” is an album that any fan of this band should enjoy and will continue to enjoy.

“Immortalized” is available for purchase via iTunes here, streaming via Spotify here, and you can watch the music video for the album’s first single, “The Vengeful One”, via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. The Eye of the Storm
  2. Immortalized
  3. The Vengeful One
  4. Open Your Eyes
  5. The Light
  6. What Are You Waiting For
  7. You’re Mine
  8. Who
  9. Save Our Last Goodbye
  10. Fire It Up
  11. Sound of Silence
  12. Never Wrong
  13. Who Taught You How to Hate
  14. Tyrant (bonus track)
  15. Legion of Monsters (bonus track)
  16. The Brave and the Bold (bonus track)