DISTURBED’s DAVID DRAIMAN Apologizes To Fan He Called Out For Texting


DISTURBED singer David Drainman has apologized to a fan he called out for texting during the show in Dallas on March 23. In an interview with Dallas ObserverShannon Pardue said that she texted the 14-year-old daughter who was home in Rendon in the middle of a hailstorm, after the main part of band’s show.

As the crowd began chanting “one more song,” Pardue began texting with her daughter, who had just returned home from youth night at their church with thunderstorms ravaging the area.

When Draiman and the rest of the band came onstage, the crowd started cheering, but Pardue was still conversing with her daughter in text messages when the DISTURBED frontman singled her out and the House of Blues spotlight fell upon them.

In a brand new interview with Loudwire, David apologized to a fan saying: ”

You know, when I did what I did, it wasn’t me trying to push her away,” he explained. “It was a matter of me trying to engage her,” said the singer. “It’s what I’ve done for years and in most circumstances if there is someone who is being passive. They respond positively, ‘Oh, he acknowledged me. He’s really watching. I will get into it and he’s actually paying attention to me,’ and they become more involved. It’s very unfortunate that it backfired obviously with her.”

He continued: “I wasn’t privy to the information of what she had going on and when I made my original Facebook post that information had not yet come out. I feel badly about it and I am sorry. I can only say at this particular point that I think that that tactic may be something that I from here on out remove from my live repertoire because obviously there is the chance of me making that scenario happen again if I don’t have the information that would keep me from making that mistake.”

Draiman added: “So again, I feel badly about it and I am sorry. I never want anyone to leave one of our shows feeling badly. The whole idea is to pull them and to make them feel empowered and sometimes you’ve got to be a little forceful when you do that and if she got rubbed the wrong way, that is something that I regret.”