David Draiman Signs Israeli Bombs

DISTURBED frontman David Draiman recently made headlines for his controversial actions during a visit to Israel. Known for his outspoken views and Jewish heritage, Draiman has often been vocal about his support for Israel. His latest act, however, has sparked significant debate and garnered widespread attention.

During a trip to Israel, Draiman visited an Israeli military base where he participated in a symbolic gesture that has both supporters and critics. Draiman signed a message, “F**k Hamas,” on the side of bombs intended for use by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

As anticipated during the ongoing Israeli-Hamas conflict, Draiman‘s actions in the photo have sparked divisive reactions. Comments from both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli supporters have flooded his Instagram post. Some expressed concern that the shell could unintentionally harm innocent civilians, while others criticized him for endorsing war in general.

During a recent interview with Linda AdvocateDraiman discussed his “ongoing feud” with British rock musician and anti-Israel activist Roger Waters.

“He’s a piece of work, that deluded old freak,” David said. “Antisemitic to his rotten core. Just ask [his PINK FLOYD bandmate] David Gilmour and his wife — they’ll testify to it. He’s been that way for the duration of his life and the duration of his career. It’s nothing new. He’s a coward. He’s a hypocrite. He is a supporter of dictators and dictatorial regimes all over the world. He’s an apologist for Putin and apologist for anybody that’s on the wrong side of history. He’s a deluded wannabe-socialist as well.”

“Everything that he wrote about, everything that he professed to believe in that was so — even a maniac can create some great art, and it’s hard to argue with the level of artistry of, let’s say, a piece of work like [PINK FLOYD‘s] The Wall,” he continued. “But everything that he was trying to convey and express in that piece of art, he has shown himself to be a hypocrite for.

“I was already losing my mind with him years ago when he was flying around a pig in his stadiums with the [Jewish] Star Of David on it. The guy is a bully. And he wouldn’t even dare to engage with me. Because it’s not about logic and reasoning and facts and reality to people like him. It’s all about the narrative. It’s all about their hate-fueled antisemitic, just spite-filled narrative that they continue to fuel this narrative of demonization of our people, of the State of Israel, their inability to accept the fact that we even exist. He’s a monster.”

When the interviewer asked whether Draiman had ever met Waters in person, David replied: “Oh, I’d love to meet him in person. Nothing would make me happier. I’d gladly serve whatever jail time and pay the bail necessary for whatever I could get done within a very limited period of time.”