DISTURBED’s Guitarist DAN DONEGAN: ‘The Strangest Thing That’s Been Thrown On Stage At One Of Our Shows’

Fans still get crazy. Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan noticed there is no limit for what is thrown on stage. He talked to Guitar World about it. Read it here:

“I can think of two off the top of my head. One time years ago somebody threw their prosthetic leg up on stage for us to sign. It was shocking and something I didn’t expect.

“Another time I remember very clearly. We were playing in Kansas City and someone threw a wrapped-up piece of tin foil with a bag in it.

“Occasionally, you’ll see someone throw up a note or a joint, but when we opened the tin foil after the show there was a bag of ashes from someone who had been cremated along with a note.

“The note was from a guy who said that the ashes were part of his friend who had passed away. He told us his buddy was a huge Disturbed fan and wanted part of his ashes to be onstage with us. It sent chills up our spines.”