DITHEIST Claim The “Eternity of Nothingness”



Ditheist are a four-piece Death Metal band from Chicago, Illinois, brought to life in 2006 by Konrad Lysak, Narcyz Fortuna, and John Gunerka producing one EP “Seduction of Demons” in 2008 which received great reviews and airplay. Luke Voelz took over vocals in 2014, and they released their first effort “Eternity of Nothingness” in cassete in October 2015 by Heathen Tribes Records drawing inspiration from death metal classics like Atheist, Decapitated, Behemoth and Vader. Originally released in October 2015 (CD/digital ) and in 2016 on vinyl as a split with Malas.

Konrad Lysak – Guitars
Narcyz Fortuna – Drums
Luke Voelz –       Vocals
Jarek Badzioch – BassLinks

“Eternity of Nothingness” is available on BandCamp. Also, give them a like on Facebook.

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