Ditheist – Eternity of Nothingness

Ditheist “Eternity of Nothingness” opens up in a very sabbathish way. The very beginning, I mean. Then, in a sudden, it turns into a brutal death metal effort. One may feel a an estrangement  in the beginning because “Eternity of Nothingness” riffing is very intrincate and complex with direct and short notes. Sometimes it seems some notes are missing, but that’s exactly the impression they want. Ditheist are a band with very well-defined personality and that is a straight-ahead brutal death metal with no wimp or concessions at all. Healthy choice, from where I’m standing.

“Eternity of Nothingness” is an album that will make you feel like under a steamroller of power and vigorous and serious Metal punching. No more, no less during the eight-tracked effort. It’s been a while I don’t hear such a torment of noise. Mostly, I’m impressed with the honesty. It’s not a thing we can find easily these days. As I said above, “Eternity of Nothingness” is an album of direct and short riffing. Bands often do that to create a chaotic sonance with shorter guitar phrases. Take “Plague Doctor” for instance with its short, direct, and sharp guitar riffing. It’s something like being inside a washing machine – when it’s on, of course. Come on, dudes! Next track “Centipede” is a bit slower. But, I wouldn’t slow a the correct word to aplly to “Eternity of Nothingness.”

Well, here it is one of the most disturbing efforts of this year. Feel free to use Ditheist “Eternity of Nothingness” as an example of brutal musical competence and dexterity. You may begin with “Eternal Corridors,” if you allow me to suggest. Or even better, for guitar fans, “Crippling Vexation.” On second thought, go direct to the intro of title track, “Eternity of Nothingness” – btw, what a title! There you’ll find the most beautiful blast beats of all death metal world. Very competent drumming. So, take my words, listen to it all. There will be no regreats. Only pure Metal ecstasy.

“Eternity of Nothingness” was realesed on October 2017 via Heathen Tribes Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Plague Doctor
  2. Centipede
  3. Eternity of Nothingness
  4. Doomed
  5. Blind Dead
  6. Eternal Corridors
  7. Crippling Vexation
  8. New Life

Watch “Eternity of Nothingness” live video here: