Divine Weep – The Omega Man

This is an album for whom thinks that Heavy Metal doesn’t evolve. Just to prove you wrong, my dear friend. In fact, our beloved Metal evolves in two fronts; the first is that the genre itself with changes and moves constantly by adding other genres features, mixing up features of other subgenres within Heavy Metal or also improving the instrumentals; the second is the style or subgenre Heavy Metal or Old School Heavy Metal that also moves by using the same features aforementioned. Here we have a band that proves that we are always right when we defend that position. Divine Weep with “The Omega Man” is the evolution of Heavy itself.

In fact, what Divine Weep do here is no wonder or news to whon follows Metal moves. “The Omega Man” is pretty much the 1990’s Metal scene with touches of Power Metal and NWOBHM. If I were to make it easy for the fan, I’d say the band is a faster and more acid Judas Priest with touches of Accept and Prime Fear. Bottomline, the European school of Metal with a string German accent, though the band isn’t German. But the fan may ask “So, what are the news about it?”. Well, my dear child of the night. The news is the way the band combines all that. As we all know there are limited notes in music, though with only that there are infinite combinations possible. That’s what Divine Weep do here. When the hand is alright, magic happens making “The Omega Man” a very pleasant album to listen.

Instrumentwise, “The Omega Man” is an album with lots of variations. Everybody does a remarkable job here. From where I’m sitting, the drumming takes more of our attention due to its flamboyant – who said  flamboyant couldn’t be good? – style that makes it stand out from the others. Drummer Daro hits hard and with confidence. Take “Walking (Through Debris of Nations),” for instance. But, it’s not him, bassist Janusz Grabowski also does a great passage in the beginning of “Die Gelassenheit” which kind of bridges “Mirdea Lake” with its Death Metal tasting. Yeah, if the vocals were a little harder it would be a Death Metal track. As usual, vocals also steal the scene away. Vocalist Mateusz Drzewicz has a very personal voice which fits perfectly with the band for its versatility and high range. Let’s say he is a more acid Robert Halford. Way acid. Ok, ok, I wouldn’t forget to say something about the guitars. Well, to be completely honest, they are the chery of the cake. “The Omega Man” wouldn’t be so great and outstanding if it weren’t for them, if you ask me. It’s impressive the way the band changes completely the pace and speed of the songs.

Remarkable album!

Divine Weep “The Omega Man” was released in 2020.

Track listing:

  1. Cold As Metal
  2. Jorneyman
  3. Firestone
  4. Riders of Navia
  5. The Screaming Skull of Silence
  6. Walking (Through Debris of Nations)
  7. Die Gelassenheit
  8. Mirdea Lake
  9. The Omega Man

Watch “Cold As Metal” official video here: