Doctors Told DEE SNIDER That His Voice Is Literally Defying The Laws Of Physics

On the latest episode of the MetalSucks podcast, Dee Snider revealed that the doctors told him that he’s voice is literally defying laws of physics.

“I got my voice tested. They said it defies laws of actual physics [when I’m roaring]. They said ‘Look at what’s going on here: your voice is hitting every harmonic at once, yet you are forcing it into notes. You’re striking your vocal chords to ring all the notes. It’s like white noise, except somehow (and this is the oddity), you force all those harmonics to go into different notes.’ They were stunned, and I was stunned looking the graph going “Holy s**t!” They couldn’t figure it out. People ask me if it’s hard for me, and no, it’s easy for me to sing like this. It’s hard to sing in Rocktopia.”

MetalSucks: So, in a way, they said you have four voices coming out of you at once?

“Yeah, it’s like a devil voice. The vocal cords are like strings on an instrument. When you sing, you normally hit one note at a time, and that’s where you get your pitch. I’m just hitting them all, and insisting that it turn into a note.”

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