Dødsferd – The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race

It’s incredible what a neat production does to a band’s music. Raw and lo-fi productions are mandatory to some Metal music acts because they have a purpose. However, I can’t help it praying the beauty of a nice and clean production that highlights the works of a band. It’s really awesome when it’s possible to listen to all the notes the guitar gives or all the hits the drummer does. Of course, it’s not always an option of the band to choose either way. Neverthless, some bands due to the lack of financial resources or others may find it difficult to offer the fan a hi-fi effort. It’s comprehensible. Dødsferd with “The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race” offer the fan a hi-fi one and it was a fantastic effort to listen to.

At first, to the ears that aren’t that used to Metal music, “The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race” sounds punkish. There are few guitar solos, the songs are short and the speed is extremely high. However, a close attentionto other features will show that however the influences, Dødsferd play the good old Metal with great influences of the 1980s when the frontiers of Punk and Metal were not so well crystalized and defined. In fact, “The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race” is closer to a Slayer effert than a Discharge one, for instance. Hardcore and Extreme Metal are very close, if I may say.

The first approach with “The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race” is the opening track “Stachtes (Ashes)” that hits the fan direct in face due to the direct and straight approach the band makes. The clean – if I my say – and clear sound takes the fan away. The sound of the guitars amazes absolutely. It’s amazing how it is possible to listen to every chord clearly and precisely. The frantic frenzy of it makes the fan headbang with no stop. It’s the kind of track that makes the fan proud of Metal music. When I said there are no long tracks I meant not that long. Three out of six are in the average of six minutes, but the mood is so electric that the fan won’t feel the track going. Seriously. And there goes all the EP.

“The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race” makes the fan remember how vicious a Metale effort can be.

Dødsferd “The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race” was released in 2013.

Track Listing:

  1. Stachtes (Ashes)
  2. Breeding Chaos
  3. Creator of Disease
  4. Stupid Worthless Sheep
  5. Doubting Your Worth
  6. We Are 138 (Misfits Cover)

Watch “Stupid Worthless Sheep” official video here: