DONALD TRUMP: GUNS N’ ROSES’ ‘November Rain’ Is ‘The Greatest Music Video Of All Time’

Axl Rose Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has once called GUNS N’ ROSES music video for the song “November Rain” “the greatest music video of all time.”

The president’s praise was revealed in Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘s memoir, “Speaking For Myself: Faith, Freedom, And The Fight Of Our Lives Inside The Trump White House”, which has been described by NPR as “an unabashed homage to Trump.”

In the book, Sanders wrote that Trump wanted the song for his rally in 2018, and went as far as to tell Sanders that the clip was “the greatest music video of all time” and made her watch it with him in the Oval Office to prove his point, even though she hadn’t disagreed.

“November Rain” was finally played last Thursday (September 10) at Trump‘s campaign event in Michigan.