Doomocracy – Unorthodox Review

There are a lot of first impressions about this album “Unorthodox” of Doomocracy. First of all, it was an album that I almost gave up twice because of album welcomer “Aeons of Winter” whose intro sounded too off for me. For Doomocracy’s sake, and of course mine and my dear child of the night’s, the intro is very short and soon the music started and I liked what I heard. Opinions also change very fast here. However, after some moments the track took the south lane and I almost gave it up again. Again, as I could see by the othe tracks of the album, things change very fast for Doomcracy. Well, this is the other thing I wanted to say about. As my dear child of the night reads the name of the band addresses to Doom Metal and there I was. I thought “Unorthodox” would be a Doom Metal album. I couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, there are some Doom passages and features but they don’t give in no way the album’s tone. If I were to say, the album is much closer a Progressive Symphonic Metal than anything else. Michael Stavrakakis’s vocals showcases this. And at last, but no least, the tittle “Unorthodox” expresses pretty well the idea of the album. By everything I told here my dear child of the night will get that.

Things get real as listening to the aforementioned intro “Aeons of Winter” and its following “Eternally Lost” and all the plot twists both offer the fan. The guitars here are varied regarding to overtones and to techniques. It’s such a pleasure to listen to an album that showcases so many variation in guitar playing. Take a look at “Death: A State of Mind” and check it out what I’m telling you. “Unorthodox” is a trip around Metal music guitar playing as it develops many changes in styles and techniques. Michael Stavrakakis’s vocals are also a highlight not only due to the techniques but also because of the imposing way the voice goes. It seems to me that in Doomcracy’s mind each track of the album is a story that has to be told in its own way. With “Our Will Be Done” my dear child of the night will get that right. Pay attention in how many guitar moods there are in it.

To some extent this is a very surprising album. I was amazed to be proven wrong again and again and to be forced to get back to the plans of reviewing “Unorthodox” due to its overwhelming quality. My dear child of the night will be as well. Just give “Unorthodox” a chance.

Doomocracy “Unorthodox” will be released on November 11th No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Aeons of Winter
  2. Eternally Lost
  3. Prelude to the Apocalypse
  4. The Hidden Gospel
  5. The Spiritualist
  6. Novum Dogma
  7. Death: A State of Mind
  8. Our Will Be Done
  9. October 14th 1582
  10. Unorthodox
  11. Catharsis

Watch “Eternally Lost” official music video here: