DORO Pays Tribute To LEMMY With New Video ‘It Still Hurts’

A year ago to the day, MOTÖRHEAD fronter and rock legend Lemmy Kilmister passed away and his death marked the end of an era of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. While fans all over the world raise their Jacky Coke-glasses today to honour him, metalqueen DORO came up with a special idea to celebrate the life and legacy of her colleague, but also very close friend Lemmy.

In this new video to the song ‘It Still Hurts’ that she recorded with him in 2012, you can find the clip footage and many pictures of several decades from both metal legends working together and sharing the spirit of heavy music:

DORO‘s official statement about this new clip: “It’s been axactly one year since the world of rock lost on of its greatest characters – and one of my best friends. Lemmy Kilmister. One year and we miss him so much. Therefore it was our great wish to release this video with a compilation of our greatest moments that we had together. Here it is. In memory of Lemmy, one of the greatest rock’n’roll heroes!
It still hurts!
R.I.P., my dear friend – we love you.”