DOYLE: I’ve Been Vegan For Six Years Now. My Girlfriend ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ Got Me Into It

Doyle and Alissa

In a recent interview with Backstage Axxes, MISFITS guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein talked about his solo band Doyle and new material from the group, while also touching on being a vegan.

You can check out the conversation below (as transcribed by

Doyle, everybody knows you’re a vegan now. How long have you been in that lifestyle?

“Six years. Alissa [White-Gluz, Arch Enemy singer and Doyle’s longtime girlfriend] got me into it.”

I know a lot of people think you don’t get enough protein, you know, what’s your biggest protein source?

“We’re sponsored by a few companies that send us meals every Friday to every venue. 21 meals, 20-30 grams of protein.”

What about your guitars, are you still building your own?

“I’m fixing them now. I have one company, they have my prototypes and supposedly they’re working on one for the last two years. They showed me some pictures recently, so I guess they want me to come to the factory.”

Are you guys working on new music at all?


When do you think a new album might be in the works?

“Probably starting out this year. We got a bunch of ideas already. It seems easy to get some singles out quicker before a full-blown album.”