DRAAGYN Reveals Dark, Avant-Garde Masterpiece ‘A Night Between Two Days’


Experimental, genre-bending artist DRAAGYN has returned with her second single, “A Night Between Two Days,” which debuted at BrooklynVegan and is available now on streaming services. On her latest, the avant-garde, multi-instrumentalist recruited fellow visionaries, drummer Jon Rice (UNCLE ACID, JOB FOR A COWBOY, UMBRA VITAE) and bassist Corey McCormick (PROMISE OF THE REAL), to further explore beyond the outer limits of conventional sound.

On the follow up to 2019’s otherworldly, 8+ minute single “Majesty,” DRAAGYN continues to keep listeners guessing with a shapeshifting collision of prog-rock, black metal, doom and ethereal wave, resulting in a profoundly affecting song that’s audacious and intoxicating.

DRAAGYN. Something to be loved, feared and hated at the same time. An intense cataclysm, clawing and writhing its way from the blackened abyss. It’s to be adored or recoiled in disgust with no compromise in between. A grotesque, iconoclastic deity that should be worshipped or burned at the stake. It’s artistry for the outliers and outlaws; for those with reckless abandon and exclusive fetishes.
Bound by no rules and apathetic to any preconceived notions as to what is considered “music” or “art,” DRAAGYN manifests a supreme intensity and fearless brilliance which knows no limits.

DRAAGYN will release another single titled “Venom” in the near future…