DRACONICON Unleash Video For New Single ‘Dark Side Of Magic’

Dark-power metal act DRACONICON‘s second single, “Dark Side of Magic”, taken from their new forthcoming album, now has an official music video. “Dark Side of Magic” music video shooting took place at Cinecittà 3 studios, by film director Francesco Di Giorgio and Simonluca Fraioli as photography director. Make sure to check out the new video below.

Recording sessions for the song took place at Miskatonic Recording Studio and Giuseppe Orlando’s Outersound Studio, while Marco Mastrobuono (HOUR OF PENANCE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, SHORES OF NULL and more) was responsible for the mixing/mastering at Kick Recording Studio in Rome.

Alessandro Mammola, guitarist and co-founder of the band says:

“’Dark Side of Magic‘ is the transition phase rite that answers to the call of darkness. Sacredness is the recurring topic of the song. While, the first verse turns its gaze towards darkness, the second one, with its chant in ancient Latin, makes us sink into oblivion, the place where humans lose all hope and move away from light forever. The chorus is an obsessive call to the dark side, an invitation to join the ranks of those who, after having had a taste of power, glory and death, cannot back out and do without it any longer.

The song is now available on Spotify and on all digital platforms.