Dragony – Masters of the Multiverse

Pay attention to the name of this band. Now take a look at the name of the album. Can you guess what kind of Metal they play? If you said epic progressive power metal, you are right. Have I used so many words to label a band? Yeah, I have. Well, after all it is not so predictable as you thought. Dragony with “Masters of the Multiverse” play what may also be called symphonic power metal. They act is very near what Rhapsody used to do. From where I’m standing, I prefer Dragony because they are heavier. Symphonies are used to embellish the song, not the song is used to embellish the symphonies. Can you get the difference? Rhapsody used to build up their songs from the symphonic part, so it was more important than Metal parts; Dragony is the opposite, Metal is more important, the symphonic parts are to give a grand vibe to the song.

“Masters of the Multiverse” is a grand and epic album. Songs were written to give an orchestral sense, I mean, the listener will feel that he’s in the center of a huge musical experience. If Dragony were a bit less heavy, they could easily be an AOR band due to the grandiloquence they give to their songs. Of course, choruses are catchy and gluey. I don’t mean weak, but they keep into mind and you without anu further notice are singing along. The only problem I see is that many fans will think Dragony’s music is a bit predictable. It’s the price you pay to have personality.

A band like Dragony do everything on purpose. Each note in each song is very well planned from the beginning to the effect it may cause to audiences. Their music is very cerebral. Well, check it out by the title “Masters of the Multiverse.” Have you ever heard about multiverses? Not to brag, but I have.

“Masters of the Multiverse” is an album to be heard with an open mind and wide spirit. Let your mind fly free. It’ll be a great musical experience.

Dragony “Masters of the Multiverse” will be released on October 12th via Limb Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Flame Of Tar Valon
  2. If It Bleeds We Can Kill It
  3. Grey Wardens
  4. Defenders
  5. Fallen Star
  6. Angels on Neon Wings
  7. Days of High Adventure
  8. Evermore
  9. The Iron Price
  10. Eternia Eternal (The Masters Of The Multiverse)
  11. The Touch [CD only Bonustrack]

Watch “If It Bleed We Can Kill It” official video here: