DREADFULL FATE Will Have Their “Vengeance”

The hour of reprisal draws near! Jot down June 15th in your calendar, or on your forehead,  because this is the date when “Vengeance” (CD/LP/MC) from the mighty DREADFUL FATE is unleashed upon mankind as a co-release between I Hate Records and To The Death!
“Vengeance” is an album that rouses spirits from a time when Teutonic Thrash was wild and untamed and ready to cleanse auditory canals from years of decay and depravation. DREADFUL FATE is the remedy for those who miss Kreator, Sodom, and Bathory in their potent prime and features former and current members of Merciless, Hypnosia, Nominon, Deströyer 666, Interment, and many more.

Track Listing:
1. Vengeance (2:15)
2. Death Sentence (2:37)
3. Altar Of Cruelty (4:06)
4. Unholy Lust (3:19)
5. Witches Hammer (3:49)
6. Hour Of Reprisal (3:13)
7. Eternal Fire (2:47)
8. The Final Sacrifice (3:47)

Bestial – Screams
Total Destruction – Bass
Death Ripper – Guitar
Corpse Skelethor – Battery