Dreams in Fragments – Reflections on a Nighmare

I have to mention some words to show my appreciation for what I call the dialects of Metal. For you who has never read my reviews, or for you that has, but just don’t remember at all, I always say that Metal has lots of musical contradictions, or oppostites, or contrasts, if I may. Metal is full of hard-and-sweet, dark-and-light, distortion-and-clean, male-and-female, gutural-and-soprano, cruel-and-compassionate, etc and etc. Long story short, Metal is a musical style that works effectively with constrasts, I’d rather say that Metal is built on contrasts and here we have Dreams in Fragments and “Reflections on a Nighmare” to prove me right with ten tracks full of them.

Many will say that Dreams in Fragments “Reflections on a Nighmare” has lots of clichés from Synphonic Metal features. Well, not exactly wrong, but the problem with clichés is not having or using them, what really matter is how one uses them. Dreams in Fragments built up lots of contrast relations in “Reflections on a Nighmare” by, first of all, abusing of the relation between male-harsh vocals with soprano-female-sweet ones. Particularly, I love that. I think that the effect of them is simply catchy. Then, Dreams in Fragments have neat instrumentals, well, as usual for Symphonic Metal bands. For that matter, “Reflections on a Nighmare” was built up with stronger than usual guitars that overlap keyboards, which generally is the opposite. Of course, there are keyboards passages, but they are connected with the song, not overlapping other instruments. They really feel as part of the song as “In Flames” with a long and catchy keaboard passage by the third minute. There are also some dance music features as in the beginning of “Unireverse” which connects perfectly to the song and makes us forget its hateful dance music origin. This is also a constrast bands are exploring. Not really my thing, but it does have its function well here.

Dreams in Fragments “Reflections on a Nighmare” is for the fans that like something else.

Dreams in Fragments “Reflections on a Nighmare” was released on June 28th.

Track Listing:

  1. Everytime
  2. Nightchild
  3. The Maze
  4. Incomplete
  5. Prologue
  6. Defy Every Storm
  7. Falling with a Crown
  8. Little Red
  9. In Flames
  10. Unireverse

Watch “Night Child” official music video here: