DROWNING POOL Invites 82 Year Old Fan Who Sang ‘Bodies’ On ‘America’s Got Talent’ To Join Them On Stage


DROWNING POOL guitarist CJ Pierce says they’re trying to reach the 82-year-old fan John Hetlinger, who performed band’s hit “Bodies” on ‘America’s Got Talent’, to join them on stage. The band offered to cover his expenses if he comes out to Chicago Open Air festival next month.

Here’s CJ Pierce speaking to Loudwire about performing with Hetlinger:

“That would be great if he could do that. I still have a flood of emails and texts that I have not even gone through yet, but I’m hoping. The feelers are out there and I think it would be fun. Obviously he had a great time with the song and we have a great time with the song every night so it would be awesome to have him onstage with us.

“I just mentioned Open Air because it’s the next big festival coming up that we’re playing and if we’re going to do it, I’d rather do it right and have him on a big show like that. So I’m hoping he does.”

“We’d love to get in touch with him or hope he gets in touch with us and I’m looking forward to meeting him anyway. He just seems like a great guy anyway, working on the Hubble telescope and everything, that’s freaking cool. And he was a Navy pilot. Good for him.”

Check out Hetlinger‘s performance on  ‘America’s Got Talent’ below: