Drummer SIMON WRIGHT On Leaving AC/DC And Joining DIO: ‘Basically, It Sounds A Little Crazy, But I Really Lost My Enthusiasm For Things.’

Drummer Simon Wright had the dream job from 1983 to 1989 to leave it and, then, take another dream job. What a lucky fellow, isn’t he? He talked to Talking Metal about leaving AC/DC and joining Dio soon after. Take a look:

“Basically, it sounds a little crazy, but I really lost my enthusiasm for things.

“You can’t really be like that in a band like that – you’ve gotta give 110% – and my enthusiasm had become a bit complacent, and it wasn’t fair on them, and it definitely wasn’t fair on the fans and people coming to the shows.

“So I started thinking, ‘I’ve gotta move on here.’ And luckily, through a friend of a friend of a friend, or whatever, I managed to meet up with Ronnie. We did some rehearsals. It was mainly for the new album that he had going on, called [1990’s] ‘Lock Up the Wolves.’

“‘Cause it was straight into recording, basically, before we did any shows. And we did that. And it kind of worked out. I’d met Ronnie a couple of times in the past before that, and I thought he was such a clever, funny, intelligent guy.

“And I’d loved his singing, obviously, with Sabbath and Rainbow and his own stuff and everything. And it just kind of worked out. Yeah, it was a great time.”