Drunk Mfs – Dead End Review

Here we’ve got an EP with that strong taste from the 1970s.“Dead End” has that shooegazed cadence with lots of fiery riffing and dirty distortion from the guitars. That instantly reminds me most notably of Black Sabbath, a band that has a huge influence in many bands. Immediately when I put the album to play my memory lane went that far in the 1990s when I used to listen to the radio and bands as Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and many others were maing their debut. The dirty guitars and the unusual sound of the keyboards were the things that attracted me by the guts. The tones of the guitars are simply the best. The kind of tone I looked for a long time when I was trying to give an identity to my guitar playing. It’s dirty, it’s tight, it’s full of possiblities. By the way, after listing the album for some times I recognized to whom the vocals are similar. That would be Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil. Under the tons of distortion and dirty and effects Drunk Motherf*ckers reveal a Mötley Crüe’s heart. Or at least the intent of not trying to please anyone.

I have to say though that the effect the album had on me initially wasn’t the best of all. However, as I always do, I gave the album the deserved chance. Little by little I got to know that besides all that influence lies a band that cares a lot at their instrumentals. Soon, paying close attention to the overtones used here I got the impression that Drunk Motherf*ckers have a lot to offer though this is only an EP with four tracks. This mix of Black Sabbath’s instrumentals and overtones with the Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil’s debauchery and ‘I don’t care’ atittude’ turns out to be a killer. The perfect mix most 1990’s bands should have tried. The keyboards on “Hating Myself” turns out to be a huge surprise because they are so unexpected. A highlight to the strong and fiercy drumming in “Saint’s Wee(D)ay” that reminds a lot Bill Ward’s heavy hands. To go a little bit beyond the competition, the bass lines are very prominent and creative. By the way, they have the same overtones of the guitars’ which are incredibly heavy when they to be. Take a look at the plot twist at “Seven Livers’ Wish” and tell me.

No pun intended, but judging by what I heard here with “Dead End” there is no dead end to Drunk Motherf*ckers. Let’s wait for the next heavy and filthy album.

Drunk Motherf*ckers “Dead End” was released in May via FYC Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Black out Drunk
  2. Hating Myself
  3. Saint’s Wee(D)ay
  4. Seven Livers’ Wish

Watch “Black out Drunk” official video here: