DRUNK MFS Premiere ‘Again’ Lyric Video

Drunk MFS Again lyric video

Today, DRUNK MFS have released the lyric video for their song “Again,” which is a part of their Acoustic EP, titled The Drunk Sessions.

DRUNK MOTHERF**KERS were created by Nikolaos Spanakis aka Father W. (GIN LANE) under the ashes of the DRUNK EARTH back in 2009.

The band has released so far an acoustic EP, Drunk & Wasted, self-released in 2009 limited to 666 copies, a debut full album in 2013, …and alcohol for all, on Casket Records and has appeared on the double compilation Miss Fortune Is A Henhouse Manager with the song “Ain’t Give a Sh*t About Sobers” released in 2010 on Spinalonga Records.

DRUNK MFS terminated their activities in 2014 and after 7 years, three of the last known members, Father W., Andrew and Wee joined forces again to record and release a brand new EP, Dead End! In 2023, Father W. decided to re-issue the self released acoustic EP of 2009, Drunk & Wasted including an unreleased song as bonus, through FYC Records. The Drunk Sessions as it was renamed, had all the songs re-mastered and with a brand new artwork!

For more information, visit FYC Records official website.

Lyric video for “Again” can be seen below.

Drunk MFS The Drunk Sessions Artwork