Drunk MFS – The Drunk Sessions Review

Here we’ve got an acoustic version of the soaring whiskey soaked Drunk MFS. The Southern Rock from the band comes here with some 1970’s country rock wrapping as in “Again,” the track that welcomes the fan to the album. The track is a finest combination of the 1970’s acoustic tradition from Bread or America with some hints of Guns N’ Roses from “G N’ R Lies” era in the guitar solo. It’s interesting to see that this version sounds even more drunk and soaked with whiskey than the other. The kind of acoustic sond that I appreciate a lot. I guess that the band’s intent fulfills totally here with “The Drunk Sessions” EP. Most tracks of the album sound as Nirvana’s “MTV Unplugged in New York” era as “Heaven and Hell.” There is a very strong influence of the 1990’s acoustic albums in here as the competent and bright Alice in Chains’ cover of “Would” reinforces. Though it’s great to see the bright solos interventions.

This “The Drunk Sessions” EP showcases a very different band from 2022’s “Dead End” reviewed here. Well, of course this is no news as the band opted for an acoustic version of itself. Here, liking it or not, my dear child of the night will have a more intimistic  version of the band. Acoustic sonancies preferably allow that. It’s only a guitar and the voice with some percussions here and there. Nothing else plus some here and there as in the band’s autobiography “So F*ing Drunk” lets the fan gets it. The thing is that there is no fancy version of the band here. Tracks are simle as hell as it gets.

I particularly find this kind of album appealing. It is a great change of heart to hear this intimistic form of music. It’s a way of the band turn into itself and try to get its best.

Drunk MFS “The Drunk Sessions” was re-released in 2023 via FYC Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Again
  2. Heaven and Hell
  3. Drunk & Wasted
  4. Would (Alice in Chains cover)
  5. So F*ing Drunk

Watch “Again” official music video here: