Drunken Fools – Escape

Here’s a refreshment for all of us. We that are used to brutal and visceral songs sometimes need a break from all the buzzing. I do listen to some more refreshing bands specially classic rock, some art rock, and some instrumental stuff from the 1970s specially jazz rock. 

Drunken Fools are a space/atmospheric rock driven band with shared male/female vocals that is no wonder to Folk Metal fans. If you don’t care about labels “Escape” will be a marvelous album for you. I’m not kidding when I say they sound as Folk Metal band, but the band I found that has a similar sonance is, believe it or not, Jethro Tull during the “Crest of Knave” era. Of course, without the flute thing.

“Escape” is an album that goes easy in your player for having so delicious and well-played songs. As aforementioned, the vocal duet between a male and female voice is the thing that really calls the eye in “Escape” for how natural they seem to do it. The two voices are natural, they don’t soprano or pitch anything sounding 1970ish sometimes as in “Candlelight” and the sweet presence of a prominent piano. But the most art rock track is “Fear Myself,” but not the classic 1970ish art rock, the 1980ish art rock as Marillion. If you pay close attention you will notice an overdriven guitar back there in all songs. Just the way non-metal bands used to do back then. It seasons the songs with the right dash of aggression without turning the song in a heavier tune.

But the great track of all is “Teufelsgesicht” with the energizing acoustic guitar and a background keyboard giving the tasty lead from time to time. The following track is another acoustic, and beautiful, tune “Vision of Time” which gets a bit uptempo in the middle with the background overdriven guitar just a bit sassy for Drunken Fools patterns.

“Escape” is an album perfectly fit for you that don’t care about labels. For whom the only thing that matters is the good old music. It’s an album with thirteen delicious tracks which will make you be pleased.

Drunken Fools “Escape” was released in 2018.

Track Listing:

  1. Cold
  2. Bebanburg
  3. Candlelight
  4. Fear Myself
  5. Escape
  6. Flame in the Wind
  7. Teufelsgesicht
  8. Vision of Time
  9. Kjartan
  10. Rebirth
  11. Himmelsstieg
  12. My Treasure
  13. Tausend Fragen

Watch “Escape” official video here:

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