Dude Gets Paid To Headbang To SLAYER All Day

Michael Hildreth from South Arlington has the best job in the world! He gets paid to listen to f**king SLAYER and headbang all day while holding a sign for pizza chain Papa Murphy’s claiming to have increased the store’s profits by 40%.

What started as a punishment for Michael has turned him into a local celebrity, with over 4,000 fans on Facebook, and even a news report from CBS Dallas/Fort Worth that you can see below.

“I kept showing up late for work over the course of about a month, a month and a half or something,” Hildreth tells CBS. “My boss got a little irritated with me, so he sent me outside as a punishment.” Instead of just holding or flipping the sign, Michael used it as a guitar and began crushing the streets. “I don’t like the idea of being bored while you’re working,” the sign slayer added.

He cites METALLICAMEGADETHANTHRAXCANNIBAL CORPSE, and of course SLAYER as his favorite bands to rock out to while on the job. Not everyone in Arlington is part of the metal militia, and people have reported the passionate performer for being on drugs. “Some lady didn’t know who I was, so she called the cops, stated that there was a local man on the corner acting like he was high,” he said.