Dunbarrow – II

It’s so great to see bands playing again the so-called proto-metal or heavy rock. I love those chorded riffs drawned by a fuzz pedal. The charm of a guitar phrase using pentatonic scales. So charming and elegant. Finesse is the key for heavy rock, though in their time it was the opposite. The harmonic construction of “The Demon Within” is so charming. The slow enchording that leads to a major musical stress. The clean guitar intervention is also very delightful. And also what the dudes do in guitar phrasing in “Please Let Me” is amazing as well. The guys got the right soloing vibe of the 1970s. Almost a spell.

Dunbarrow reminds Rush’s self-titled album. Vocalist Espen Andersen’s vocal abilities are very near Geddy Lee’s. Check it out in “The Wolf,” the difference is that Espen Andersen holds the voice a bit more, Geddy Lee lets it free, so sometimes he sounds a bit a out of tune. Guitar pentatonic phrases are also amazing in the track. The combination riffing and chording is also something that calls the eye in Dunbarrow. One really feels the 1970’s listening to them.

In general every album has a song that best represents the band. In “II,” my vote goes to “On This Night” which is undoubtedly the apple of my eyes. A very dense tune with Espen Andersen letting his voice go and great guitar interventions. Dunbarrow at their best.

I praise what Dunbarrow do. This trip to the past is needed and also fresh. The paradoxal it mays seem, bands are always looking for references. In general they come mostly from the past, so problem to go right to origin. It is called personality and Dunbarrow have lots of it. But don’t go thinking it was easy to play just because they use old  and forgotten techniques. To play like requires lots of heart and passion. Without them, no way.

Dunbarrow  “II” was released on Semptember 28th via RidingEasy Records.

Track Listing:

  1. On Your Trail
  2. Please Let Me
  3. Weary Lady
  4. Ode to the Moon
  5. Feberdrøm
  6. The Wolf
  7. The Demon Within
  8. Witches of the Woos pt. II
  9. On This Night

Watch “The Wolf” official lyric video here: