Dungeon Wolf – Slavery or Steel

Here’s a band that takes the term flamboyant to a new level, for the better. From the very first guitar notes of “Slavery or Steel” one can feel that the band will take their out razzmattazz style of playing Metal until the end of times. The first thing that comes to one’s mind listening to first track’s colorful guitar notes is ‘Wow!’. Believe me. Dungeon Wolf are a band that take it seriously, but not only that, “Slavery or Steel” is an album with very different moods. There are flashy tracks as “While the Gods Laugh” with complex and intricate guitar interventions with a Kiss’ “Music From ‘The Elder'” vocals. Yeah, that’s right, very different moods.

That’s the way Dungeon Wolf are. At first sight one may think they’re not serious, but believe me they are, and their music is so good. Guitars and vocals do a superb job in all “Slavery or Steel” tracks. You know what? One man does both jobs. His name is Deryck Heignum. Dude does a very difficult thing that is to master both arts. If you sing well, you don’t play the guitar well, and vice-versa. As a matter of fact, Deryck Heignum proves us wrong. Take a look what he does with his voice in the pitchy “Worker Metal Might.” Amazing, isn’t it? Pay attention to the guitar as well.

His guitar technique is also a highlight because he uses some the effects Van Halen loves to use, and which draws lots of attention to the guitar sound naturally. It sounds very attractive. It reminds a lot what Brian McPhee does at Exciter’s “Unveiling the Wicked” era. Tones are very similar. The track “Lord of Endless Night” reminds a little that era.

Bottomline, “Slavery or Steel” is a fun album to listen. Great guitars and vocals. If you are into it, Dungeon Wolf are your band and “Slavery or Steel” your new passion.

Dungeon Wolf “Slavery or Steel” was be released September 07th via Iron Shield Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Hidden Dreams
  2. Last Alive
  3. Slavery or Steel
  4. Borderlands
  5. While the Gods Laugh
  6. Dark Child
  7. Worker Metal Might
  8. Lord of Endless Night

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