Dust Bolt – Mass Confusion

om262qg  Dust Bolt are one of those bands that when you mention a genre you instantly get a list of particular bands come to mind, and for me Dust Bolt is definitely one when it comes to thrash metal. They aren’t very well known band, and I find that to be absolutely ridiculous because they’ve proven time and again they are more than capable of delivering massive thrash that many bands only dream of achieving. It is my firm belief that Dust Bolt will accomplish the true recognition that they deserve with their upcoming piece, “Mass Confusion”, which I feel safe saying this might possibly be the premier thrash album that we’ll see all f**king year. A big assumption, yes, but I say that with full confidence because not only is this Dust Bolt’s greatest record by far, it is also possibly the most amazing pure thrash album (not blackened thrash or anything of the sort) that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in possibly years. Eleven tracks of break neck paced metal that will cease at nothing to take everything to the max while at the same time making you head band until your neck itself starts to fall apart, yet you keep going because that’s the level of enjoyment you get out of “Mass Confusion”. That last statement applies to the whole album except for one track, “Exit”, which is an acoustic piece that serves as a masterful break with a magnificent sound that even hardcore thrash fans will become even more enraptured by the music more so than they already were, and to me that shows how much Dust Bolt have truly evolved as a band in such little time. And when you come to the end of “Mass Confusion” you cannot help but be left in massive awe because you’ve never heard a modern thrash band put out an album like this in quite possibly literal ages. If that doesn’t show how far Dust Bolt have come with this being their third full length album within ten years, and the fact that they’ve only managed to get better says a lot. “Mass Confusion” is undoubtedly the pinnacle of thrash that we’ve heard this year by miles, and it’s very possible that’ll carry all the way into the future as one of the monsters of thrash that all fans of metal will want to check out, for it is a delicious treat that just keeps on giving each and every time.

“Mass Confusion” releases on July 8th! You can pre-order the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Sick X Brain
  2. Mass Confusion
  3. Allergy
  4. Turned to Grey
  5. Blind to Art
  6. Mind the Gap
  7. Exit
  8. Empty Faces
  9. Taking Your Last Breath
  10. Portraits of Decay
  11. Masters of War